New year, New Swisscraft! SNEAK PEAK

      New year, New Swisscraft! SNEAK PEAK

      So what's new?
      We have a dedicated development team now! No longer will we have to make do with outdated configs, wait for updates and fixes and suffer from player exploits!

      A whole new world!
      The way the world works is different! A long with the return of the outlands comes a new section! An extension to the spawn in which acclaimed builders can build, where community minigames and activities will be present in peace from pvp.
      The land has formed differently, with new biomes emerging, custom structures and realistic snow mechanics!

      Towns will be able to make interesting purchases!
      Including NPC's who can be trained as guards, citizens or even the town drunk!
      Contractors can be hired to construct pathways between neighboring towns for varying prices, these pathways may attract the attention of traders, NPC Bandits or Potential victims!

      Fishing has long been a boring tedious task!
      There is now a whole new fishing mechanic, along with unique fish, items and bait! Fish will be different in each biome! And with such a wide range of potential catch's you'll have to catch em all!

      MCMMO has recieved a full rework, rewarding those who chose to specalise in a given skill in addition to balancing the rates, levels and caps of each skill.

      My long awaited update to infernals is coming!! This means tiered loot, balanced loot, custom rewards both builder and combatant, announcements when somebody finds a legendary loot, or kills an infernal!

      Runecraft will be back! The banlist will be updated and rank specific runes are on the table!

      Craftbook makes it's long awaited appearance! Introducing elevators, new piston mechanics, item pipes and more! Theres too much to list here!

      There's plenty more to look forwards too, and not everything has been fully revealed in detail! This is for those who are waiting anxiously for updates!
      I'll be updating with screenshots soon!

      Vex wrote:

      Because I do not see you as worthy of the rank. This isn't personal.
      Swisscrafts Equivalent of the Eternal Genin

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