[EVENT] Screenshot Contest!

      [EVENT] Screenshot Contest!

      Celebrating the new launch let's have a nice chill event:

      A Screenshot Contest!

      • 1 Entry per person, if you take a better picture after already submitting one don't worry, just submit a new one say which one you want to enter with.
      • Only screenshots taken on the new map count
      • Screenshot can be of anything, a funny moment, cool scenery and so on.
      • Public vote for the winners, top 3-5 (depends how many people join) will win some money or blocks of their choice
      Simply post your screenshot in this thread to enter, the deadline is next Sunday on the 28th

      copbot1001 wrote:

      DAMTHE1ST is continuing to use his admin powers to take away the civil liberties of players on this server.
      The deadline is sunday 28th, so that means you can still enter submissions tomorrow right, because I got a ton of screenshots. I'll post them tomorrow regardless of wether they'll count for the contest.

      EDIT: uploaded my screenshots, the one with me on the snowy mountain will be for the contest, thought I'd share all other cool sceneries from the new map as well :)
      • 2018-01-26_15.18.06.png

        449.01 kB, 1,366×768, viewed 11 times
      • 2018-01-26_15.19.48.png

        909.64 kB, 1,366×768, viewed 4 times
      • 2018-01-26_15.23.19.png

        812.19 kB, 1,366×768, viewed 5 times
      • 2018-01-26_17.04.35.png

        994.22 kB, 1,366×768, viewed 5 times
      • 2018-01-26_17.07.20.png

        861.61 kB, 1,366×768, viewed 4 times
      • 2018-01-26_17.03.31.png

        856.24 kB, 1,366×768, viewed 5 times
      • 2018-01-27_16.45.18.png

        882.12 kB, 1,366×768, viewed 5 times
      • 2018-01-27_16.46.58.png

        796.99 kB, 1,366×768, viewed 5 times

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