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      Ideas for issues with swisscraft

      This thread is to talk about issues that swisscraft has been dealing with for a while now. We would love for everyone to voice their opinions and to give as many ideas as possible to help make swisscraft a server that everyone will love to play on. Please think of your ideas thoroughly as to not bloat the tread with one sentence posts. <3 I hope to see some awesome ideas from you guys :D
      Issue: Mob rooms /mob grinders.
      Cons: Damages economy with over saturation of items.
      It is indeed grinding (xp and mcmmo) which has always been against the rules
      It lowers the overall mob spawn rate for everyone (yes even if they themselves have a mob room) look up how mob spawning works in minecraft
      It gets people to end game much faster and in turn makes people loose interest in the game faster.
      It will make towns more intriguing by building bartering truces between nations and what not. (eg. Vezna is at peace with llamatown because llamatown trades baby llamas for protection.)

      Pros: Some people find it fun
      It is easier to have a plethora of mobs under your base
      You always have plenty of stuff to make other stuff with
      You dont have to rely on other people/towns/shops.

      Personal stance: I would like to see a test phase with no dark rooms/mob rooms or grinders to see how the game will play for everyone. I would like to see how it effects the economy and player interaction. I think that items will have a more prestige value to them and will make trading and selling items more fun. At the moment very few rare or special items, and if we decrease the easiness of the game a bit i think it will help build towns and the overall atmosphere of the server. We can always come back to the issue after it has been tested a bit and make changes to it if it doesn't match the servers needs.
      PVP / hunting people down

      Pros: PVP is fun, you can take other peoples gear and if you're not gonna be hunting people down you're probably not gonna get a real PVP experience, because you probably won't accidentally run into other people.

      Cons: The victims of this are usually not as well geared as the one doing the hunting so the fights are always extremely one-sided. If the victim manages to get to safety, for example inside their base behind locked doors, the one doing the hunting will usually stay there and camp preventing the one being hunted from doing anything at all. Also there are people among us that prefer building over pvp'ing from time to time and for those people this especially sucks since they just want to build on their base, while having to be afraid that there might be some idiot going on a slaughter ramapage outside, which isn't fun.

      My standpoint: I like PVP, I think it's one of the things making this game fun, but having been on the receiving end of the hunting I've described, I know how frustrating it is having to watch your back all the time everytime you want to build something. For that reason I won't be the one hunting others down, but that makes it so I don't run into other people, which in turn makes it so that I don't get to PVP anyone which also makes me sad. 

      Possible solution: Now this has been an old issue, and I've seen it way more in the past than I'm seeing it now, so that's at least an improvement.
      Also I know that there's Towns that address a lot of the problems I mentioned, especially the hunting problem, and with Towny Wars (hopefully) coming back there will also be more PVP, which I'm excited about.
      Maybe (hopefully) this problem will soon be extinct, and all the ones enjoying PVP can keep on enjoying it and the ones that don't won't have to watch their backs every five seconds scared of getting backstabbed.
      Issue: rushing things after a reset

      Pros: You get all the cool gear

      Cons: First, let me explain myself. After the map has reset, there's always this big rush on things, mainly the End, and the Nether, for various reasons. Rushing the End is for killing the Ender Dragon and obtaining its Egg and exp (and the glory ofc). After killing the Dragon, a rush on the End Cities starts, as there's so much really high tier loot in those (read my other post). Now I don't think that the rush on these Cities is that big of a deal, because they spawn indefenitely (they aren't limited such as Nether Fortresses or Dragon Eggs), you just have to travel a bit longer to find one that's not been looted yet if you aren't the first, which imo is not a big deal.
      Rushing the Nether is so that you can be the first to loot all the Nether Fortresses denying other people the loot and, more importantly, nether warts.

      Now the cons to this are that, if you are not the first, there's nothing left for you, you will have to buy warts from other players, and all the cool loot has been taken already. Not rushing the End makes it so that someone else goes running off with all the glory of beating the Dragon. Both of those things feel bad and have only one solution: making sure YOU are first on the scene, rushing the End and Nether yourself. You would have to become the person that you've been dreading all that time, which in turn, makes other people want to rush it even faster. Yea.

      My standpoint: I've found myself guilty of doing this over and over again. I want to be the one killing the Dragon, I want all the cool loot, I wanna be the first guy. But the rush has never really felt good, it has always felt like a neccesity, if I weren't the one to do it, someone else would go running off with the cool loot that I wanted to have for myself.
      I liked what we did last map, disabling the End for a week; a week is just enough time for everyone to get kinda geared up, and then when the End got opened, we took on the Dragon with like 6-7 people, which was actually really fun. What happened after the Dragon died made me really sad, everyone started rushig towards the Dragon Egg trying to get it for themselves, some people even started attacking the others out of nowhere, to claim dominance over the main End island. After that, of course, a rush on the End Cities started. Now as I stated before, I don't find that as big of a problem, but still.

      Possible solution: Waiting to open the End was such a good thing to do, it made it so that everyone could just take it easy and not have to worry about rushing it. I still don't like that the Dragon Egg is something people value so highly that they go completely bonkers over it, and therefore I think it should either be removed, or be awarded as a trophy you have to achieve (or something, ideas welcome). I really liked the Dragon fight we had together, and I would love to have that kind of event more often, as I think those kinds of moments are what Swisscraft is for, joining up and doing fun things together, with friends.
      Now as I said before, the End Cities are fine as is (in terms of rushing them, at least, read my other post), but maybe a reset of the End every like two months would be cool, for the sake of refreshing the Cities close to the main island, tho thats just a random (probably bad) idea.
      I don't have a great solution for the Nether tho. I don't think the loot in the castles is that big of a deal, it's only saddles and horse armor, so that's pretty mediocre. The warts issue (quote dat), on the other hand is a more severe problem, especially since the Nether is so small (only like 1500 blocks diameter). If you are only just a bit late to the Nether-rushing-party, you might find yourself without any warts, which sucks. Solution may be just to make an Admin Shop selling warts.
      Issue: The Ends OP loot

      Pros: sick lootz bro. No seriously, there is a lot of really good gear to be found in End Cities.
      First off want to mention that you can find the elytra, or glider wings, and you can kill Shulkers to make Shulker Boxes (which are A MA ZING). I think both of those things are fine as they are.
      You can also find iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds, beet seeds (those Shulkers gotta eat somethin too rite?), saddles and horse armor in chests.
      Besides that you can find, in chests, enchanted iron or diamond armor, swords, picks and shovels. These enchants vary from being shit to being super good. Everything found has a slight chance of being enchanted with the Mending enchant (which is op), and has a chance of having Curse of Vanishing on it (makes it so that when you die, the item gets killed and doesn't drop), and armor found has a chance of having Curse of Bindig on it (makes it so you can't take it off).

      Cons: The problems are not the first two thing I mentioned, but the enchanted gear. Some maps back (not the corrupted one, not the one infernal mobs got added, but the one before that), I acquired so much shit from the End that I eventually had a full double chest filled with diamond armor with protection III or IV. What I'm saying is, that if you are willig to spend some time running and gliding through the End, you will eventually get a lot of really good gear, which would otherwise be kinda hard to get. This makes it so that good gear becomes way more common.

      My standpoint: I loooove exploring the End raiding those End Cities, partially for the good gear you find, but mainly because I find it such an enjoyable experience. I think the loot you can find is a little bit on the strong side, but I defenitely don't think it's as op as some claim it to be. In order to get really stacked on gear you'd have to spend quite a bit of time exploring the End. For the most part I think it's fine as it is right now, but I wouldn't mind if the loot got nerfed a bit. I think it kinda stinks you can't find bows or axes in those chests tho ;(

      Possible solution: maybe a way to edit what's inside the End loot chests, remove a lot of the really good enchants, keep Mending in there in some way (also while we're changing the loot table anyway, cant we just add axes and bows to the table, imean come on now), but get rid of everything that's just amazing.
      The TP changes were a good starting point tho, but it doesn't take away that the gear still is (in my opinion) too good.
      Issue: MCMMO

      I think there's a couple things that could be considered issues with MCMMO. First of all I want to address how MCMMO grinding is prevalent and an issue (point 1), besides that I want to address how the new way of leveling is, in my opinion, not healthy (point 2), and lastly I want to address that it feels bad to not have MCMMO in the Nether or End (point 3).

      Point 1: Grinding
      The rules on Swisscraft aren't always clear for everyone on this subject, but the rules state that any form of grinding is forbidden, so that also goes for grinding out MCMMO levels. Sadly this isn't something thats easily enforcable, people could just find some place to grind out the levels and after that kill whatever setup they used. Recently we also pushed out a change so mobrooms are forbidden, which helps to prevent grinding of combat skills (archery, swords, axes). Still grinding out skills is a efficient way to get levels quickly, while you would otherwise have to play for a (sometimes unacceptable) amount of time. Take for example Repair, no one, by playing normally, would get the repair skill above 30 levels in the time this map has been live, so if you wanted to max out repair (or salvage, more likely), you would have no other choice but to grind it out by using a wonky setup with cacti. Also with the way leveling works now, grinding skills out one by one is way more rewarding and way easier than in the old system, which ties into point 2.

      Point 2: EXP Gain
      For those of you that don't yet know, the amount of exp needed to level up one particular skill is now based on your Power Level. So as you gain Mining skills, the amount of exp needed to progress in Swords skills also increases. Rewards of leveling is capped at level 100, meaning you can level a skill past level 100, but you won't get benefits from it (it would actually hurt you as it makes it more difficult to level your other skills). To kind of counteract this issue, you can now reset your levels of a specific skill, which then makes it easier again to gain levels on other skills. With how this all works out, if you value a certain skill really high (for example fishing), the best course of action would be to reset all your other skills to max out fishing to level 100, and then start leveling other skills again.
      This way of exp gain also seems to favor some skills over others. Mining or fishing for example is really easy to level, while woodcutting or combat skills feel really slow. I think I've cut down two double chests worth of logs only to get to level 20 or so.

      Point 3: No MCMMO in the End or Nether.
      While I understand the reasoning behind it (really easy to level mining skills with end stone or whatever), I still think it sucks to not have access to what the skills grant you. Mainly double drops from quartz mined in the Nether and acrobatics fall reduction in the End. Easy fix for this would be to reduce exp gain from end stone, or whatever is causing the issues, and then everyone's happy. (Unless I'm missing something)

      EDIT: Bonus Point 4:
      Axes: When fighting with protection IV diamond armor, a sharpness V sword heavily outclasses a sharpness V axe, having both swords and axes maxed out, but fighting with regular iron gear, a diamond sword cant even match up against a stone axe. Suppose that's because in long fights the bleed effect just does more than axe crits can do. (I think this is sad because I like axes, but when theyre overtuned they heavily outclass swords especially when fighting with low tier armor)
      Salvaging: IMO Salvaging needs to be removed, it doesn't add something good to the game, it just makes it so that looting End Cities is even more rewarding. This would also be an easy fix to solve most of the grinding people do, as grinding out repair is mainly for leveling salvaging.

      The economy right now isn't healthy. There are too many easy ways to get money and barely anything to spend it on. This issue is caused by things like Dreamfish, the mob arena, removal of various admin shops and the removal of the central shopping area.

      Everyone gets to be rich, everything money is used for becomes really easy to get, for example no one is worrying about the upkeep of a town because the costs are so (relatively) low. Also feels good to look at that bank account of yours that looks stacked as hell (while in reality all that money's useless).

      Money isn't getting used in trading, people rather just trade items for items than use money for trading. This also causes players to be hesitant to set up player shops (there isnt even a central shopping area like there used to be), and if player shops are set up, the people who put in a couple of hours grinding money will just buy everything they desire leaving nothing for the rest.

      My standpoint:
      I don't like how money has become such a trivial thing these days, the only thing its really getting used for is showing off you have the most of it and sustaining towns. With things like the mob arena, quests and most importantly Dreamfish, it's super easy to accumulate large quantities of money. Taking this into account, there is barely anything you can use money for, you can't buy things like spawn eggs for farm animals or horse armor in admin shops anymore, and because everyone has realized money is worthless you can't use it as trading tool either.

      First of all, get rid of Dreamfish, just get that shit outta here. Fish and salmon actually are pretty good foods if you have high mcmmo fishing skills, and all the other items you can get from fishing through mcmmo are also kind of cool, all neat things that are being replaced by Dreamfish, something that ruins the economy and doesn't even add anything cool or special to the game. Get rid of Dreamfish. Do it.
      Secondly, bring back centralized player shops, that would give us something to spend money on again (plots cost money too), and makes the overall 'player run shops' idea way better, because the fantasy of having player shops in towns just doesn't work.
      Thirdly, make the rewards for completing quests or doing the mob arena something else than money, there are a lot of cool ways you could do this, maybe award players with special items or a trophy or something, doesn't matter what just not money.
      Lastly, because we're removing all the ways you can get money now, bring back the admin shops where you can sell iron and gold, maybe also add such admin shops where you can buy and sell various mob drops. (Also make nether warts available in the admin shop, read my previous post on rushing things)

      Economy went to hell due to recent changes, to solve this just basically revert all those changes, I believe the economy was fine back then so why wouldn't it be fine right now
      McMMO is my main concern so I wont address anything else.

      arne501_ wrote:

      the rules state that any form of grinding is forbidden

      The rules state that any form of mob grinding is illegal. This and the easy McMMO levels is why we banned mob rooms. Grinding out a skill is your choice, if you don't want to grind, simply don't. Grinding is really only a issue with Repair and Alchemy. Repair works as an excellent resource sink and I'd much prefer if we gave repair more incentives to train rather than making it faster. And Alchemy was buffed a lot speed wise. Repair has also most commonly been trained for the smelting levels, giving double the gold ore when mining in Mesas.

      All skills were lowered from a "max" level of 1000 to a "max" level of 100. In the process of doing this, all skills were made around 10x faster time "max". Leveling feels slower than it used to because there are 10x less levels before you "max". Balancing all skills is a tough ass job and we've tried to make it as good as possible. We're aware that combat skills are too slow to level (especially archery, which was buffed but is now back to what it was because of the DB fuckup), but I am personally fairly sure that Woodcutting is properly balanced. Woodcutting is one of those skills that is a waste of time leveling unless you're only training it with tree feller. Also, keep in mind that your woodcutting level of 20 is the equivalent of level 200 pre-update.

      I'd rather we look into a way of nerfing the end as a whole since Minecrafts end game ruins the fun imo. '

      McMMO being disabled in the End and Nether is more or less to change things up a bit. The nether has a way different feel to it simply because of the fact that you're not assisted by McMMO skills. I personally love running around in the nether just because it feels a lot more dangerous.

      We'll look into axes in the near future.

      Dreamfish was a wonderful addition to the fishing skill. As someone who has actually fished all the way to 1k fishing, I can say that the rewards were not even comparable to the Dreamfish rewards.

      Show Spoiler
      I have no idea what I just typed, hope it makes sense
      SIGNATURE. Erm... No thanks.
      I gotta say I'm not the biggest fan of Dreamfish as it eliminates getting normal fish (salmon, puffer, clown etc.) and that I feel is one of the biggest drawbacks of having it in; however, I say we should leave it in since fishing with Dreamfish is much more interactive and prevents afk fishing.
      I do agree, the money rewards should be cut down and we should have more things people can spend their money on. Not sure who said the Mob Arena prizes weren't enough prize money for the difficulty, but all I did was double the reward per level (so now 50$ rather than 25$ per round). I just cut the final reward down quite a bit as it seemed fairly high. Now, if you win all 10 rounds you should receive about 1200$ (that's 50$ per round the first 4 rounds, 100$ per round after round 5, and 500$ after round 10 as the grand prize), and that is considerably lower than Dreamfish where I believe some of the fish are worth 2000$ alone.
      I'm in favor of bringing back the player shops, I don't feel like de-centralizing them has done anything to help the economy, but it was a good test to see where people really do care to spend their money. It makes players interact with eachother more to trade and barter face to face, but it did have a nice community feel to have a central shopping district where people could build their shops and pay for the relative safety of doing so.
      EDIT: Perhaps we could bring that back, but on a much lower scale, so the shops have maybe half as much available space and this would make renting a shop and keeping up with rent a must so as not to lose your shop. We would do the same as we always have with shops if they are not paid for and move them to the owner's home area.
      "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one's self" - Horace Mann

      Just going to put my opinion in here. I miss it when it was just normal MCMMO and thats it. No cool terrain, no weird plugins, made it more fun imo.

      TheDynamicRam wrote:

      They Thought I Was X-raying When Really I Was Just Using The Random Algorithm System In The World Generation Process To Help Me Find Ores. Its Really Complicated And Nobody Understands It When I Try To Explain It...

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