Monthly Ender Dragon raid for Towns - PvP!

      Monthly Ender Dragon raid for Towns - PvP!

      Every first Saturday of a month (so for example March 3rd) a chosen town will have chance to fight for the Dragon Egg. We will spawn multiple dragons for you to fight to make it harder.

      How this is gonna work:
      • Your town will choose a team of maximum of 4 players
      • Each town's team will fight in a "tournament" until one team is victorious.
      • If your town does not have 4 people you can recruit someone from your nation.
      • Matches can be held whenever 2 teams are online at the same time in whatever way they agree to.
      • If you win you will be matched up against another team, until all towns have participated. If you lose you're out until next month.
      • This same chosen team will go to fight the dragon(s). If they lose, the next team will have their chance.
      • Successful winners will be added to a hall of fame board at spawn.

      Any questions, comments or suggestions?

      You may post your teams in this thread: Dragon Raid team signup thread

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