Mob Arena - Your new source of $chnibbles and excitement!

      Mob Arena - Your new source of $chnibbles and excitement!

      Brought to you by DylanHardwell and Zephez: The Mob Arena!

      Fight waves of mobs in a series of rounds to reach tougher bosses for $chnibbles and bragging rights! You can choose from 8 different classes, some of which are in development and may not yet work as intended (Chemist and Oddjob for example are still undergoing development).
      • It costs $50 to enter the mob arena.
      • To enter the lobby, type: /ma join
      • You will begin in the lobby where you can chose the class you wish to play, click an iron block to ready up for combat.
      • Once all players who have joined are ready, the first round will begin.
      • The prize is $25 per round.
      • Go solo or gather a team to fight the mobs together!
      Good fortune to you Gladiator, the brave do not fear the grave!
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