Sticky Quest Design Contest!

      Quest Design Contest!

      We have added a Quests plugin! To have a wide variety of quests, I want people to design quests they think would be cool to complete. We will put the best ones on to the server (but I may modify them a bit if they're not perfect)

      The quest must have the following:
      1) Objective(s) (What you must do)
      2) Reward
      3) Optional (You can leave this out): Requirements to start the quest
      4) Optional (You can leave this out): Cooldown (How long until you can take the quest again)

      Objectives you can use are:
      Break blocks (What blocks and how many)
      Damage Blocks (What blocks and how many)
      Use Blocks (What blocks and how many)
      Catch Fish (How many)
      Kill Players (How many)
      Enchant Items (You must specify what item and what enchant)
      Kill Mobs (What mobs and how many)
      Reach Locations (Reach any point(s) on the map)
      Tame Mobs (What and how many)
      Shear Sheep (How many)
      Quest Points (Used as requirements)
      All objectives can have multiple "stages" so that you're required to complete them in order (Like first kill 6 pigs then it will ask you to kill 9 skeletons)

      Rewards you can use are:

      MCMMO Levels

      Optional requirements are:
      Quest Points
      (You must have a certain number of points to start the quest)
      McMMO levels

      You can choose whatever or not the player will loose the requirement, like money, or if they just need it.

      Here's an example you can use:

      Stage 1: Mine 10 stone
      Stage 2: Mine 5 Iron

      Money: 50 Schibbles
      Items: None
      EXP: 20 XP
      McMMO: 1 Mining level

      Optional Requirements:
      Need 50 schnibbles
      Can take quest 1 time per day

      Hope that isn't too much to read, it's pretty simple in the end, we will do the hard work.

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