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      Should we start a new map so everyone has a fresh start? 22

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      Many of you know that the most recent map has had some issues. We want to update you on what is going on, and get your opinions. Shortly after arne reported the inv loss bug, I shutdown the server and was unable to restart it. After talking so support we realized that spigot was gone for whatever reason. Demi then downloaded a new one only to realize that all other files were gone as well. We do have a backup but it is from over a month ago. We were able to restore a lot, but everything that was built during the time that coreprotect was down is lost forever. We are thinking it would be best to start a new map rather than starting over with a half missing one. I know this map was awesome but keep in mind that it was a tester. We can also take the time to fix some of the issues.
      I think it's best to keep the map in the broken state as it is now, the admins should be able to fix most of the damages and it's imo just better than having to start all over (again). My personal opinion aside, I think it's better for the server as a whole too to keep it as it is now, because who knows when the next time will come the host fucks us over again, might be in a year, might be in a month, hell, maybe even in a week. If we do a restart now, are we gonna restart the map again when the host fucks up another time, because regarding our host's history, they will fuck up again. Do we really want to restart the server every time something like this happens? I say no, I dont want to start over knowing in the back of my head everything I do could all be a waste, I say we keep the server in its shitty state as it is right now, and look into finding a permanent solution to the problem, and when we know everything is settled, and shit works properly, then we can start over knowing that time, everything will be fine.
      we are going to start doing weekly backups to prevent this, maybe even daily. someone will just have to go in and delete the old ones now and again. But if you log on you will see everything is pretty fucked. The town the way it is now is the best we could do.
      Still then I'd be sad seeing this map go. I (we) have spent a lot of time building and creating things together, to just throw away all that progress just because of a slight (major) setback would feel really lame to me. Ive seen the town in the state it is right now, and even then I believe we can still make this map work. If we start over, well, we start over. With nothing. It might feel good because we can start with a clean slate, but I believe we, the players, can recover from this tragedy and rebuild our town, nstead of giving in and resetting the map.
      Almost all of my stuff is gone and I really do not want to try and remember the stuff I lost and make a list. And having to rebuild everything that is gone I just don’t want to do that at all. I think that a reset would be better because for a lot of people keeping this one would sort of be a reset ether way.
      We are discussing whatever or not to reset, at the moment.
      I'd like everyone to remember even if we reset now, we are most likely still going to reset during the summer, so 3 or 4 months from now.

      I've been informed by Elfi you can change your vote on the poll, if this new information changes your mind.

      copbot1001 wrote:

      DAMTHE1ST is continuing to use his admin powers to take away the civil liberties of players on this server.
      Thank to everyone for the feedback. Due to some good points brought up in this thread and after discussing it with the staff team we've decided to keep this map until the next reset.
      If you need your buildings/items restored just ask someone or leave a message on the help forums or the help channel on Discord and someone will get to it.

      copbot1001 wrote:

      DAMTHE1ST is continuing to use his admin powers to take away the civil liberties of players on this server.

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