Elder Request - TheDarkRazer

    Elder Request - TheDarkRazer

    Minecraft username: TheDarkRazer
    Minecraft username I joined with, if it has been changed since: Tobkri, ThePregnancy
    Other forums accounts if I have any:Nope, just this one
    Approximately when did you join: jan, 2012
    Have you been banned before? If so, for what?: yes, x-ray, but that was a very long time ago, i've learned since then.

    I've been active since i started, this is probably my fifth request and i really wanna stop whining about it
    My record is clean for long time now
    I feel i have been very helpful and supportive to other players

    Please take your time to conisder this request :D

    -TheDarkRazer :)

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