Names, how did you come up with them?

      Gonna Bump rhis thread for the new people :D

      I used to go by the name "larsdragonx"
      lars, because thats my first name, dragon, cuz thats my favorite animal (they are real dont judge me), and X because I used to collect pokemon cards and X (or EX in later generations) was the highest possible level.

      My current name has to do with youtube. Two years ago I made a friend named lucas (his online name is lucas) and he had a youtube chanel. he made minecraft rollplay videos and asked me to play a character in it. at thats point i didnt realy want the world to know my first name, so i decided to change my minecraft name and go online under that name from that point on.

      A little while before that, my friend Thomas (also online name) and I had to do a school project for english. We had to write an article about either an existing family member of either one of us or just make up a family member. We decided to make up a story about an uncle who had a criminal record for a lot of weird stuff like stealing hotdogs from a foodstand or robbing a burgerking using an artificial leg.
      We had to give that uncle a name, and using a name generator we found the name "Ezekiel Hardwell".

      When I needed a name for the character I was playing and later for the name i'd use on my Youtube chanel (Shameless Self promotion: :) ), i first wanted to go for Ezekiel Hardwell, but i decided i dont realy sound like a Ezekiel. so i ditched the first name and went for Dylan, because DylanHardwell Sounded quite nice.

      Also, a link to the rollplay video I played in --> (I'd Recomend watching the entire series, its pretty good, and the recording quality becomes even better later on)
      My name is a mix of an old username I had used for other things "Zepherlyn" and my actual irl nickname which is "Hez". I had to come up with a username on the spot when I first started playing Minecraft, and that's just what came to mind. It's pronounced Zehf-hez.

      Also, I read some of that book that Barl referenced, it's a good read so far :D
      "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one's self" - Horace Mann

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