Sticky [GUIDE] How do I get rank <insert rank here>?

    [GUIDE] How do I get rank <insert rank here>?

    I think it's about time to tell you all so you understand what is needed for every rank, because some people still don't understand...

    How do I become Default?
    Really simple, just ask a mod or admin about demotion and I'm sure you can get it.

    How do I become Guest?
    After you join the server as default, and think it's time to become a guest. /spawn back to spawn, and read the rules in the big tower with the question mark ( ? ) on it.
    Then you do the small quiz about the rules.
    Once you've done and answered correct on all of them, you will get a promotion instantly.

    How do I become Regular?
    Once you've been on the server for about 2 weeks (if not more), you can ask for a promotion. The mod will look through the forum accounts to make sure you have one, after the new rules you HAVE to be registered on the forum. Once you registered on the forum, you will get promoted ingame and on the forum.

    How do I become Veteran?
    After a bigger amount of time on the server (about 2 months if not more) you ask a Mod or Admin ingame to promote you to Veteran. A Veteran has certain responsibilities so make sure you are able to do this.

    How do I become Elder?
    To become an elder player should meet if not all, then most of these requirements:

    - Must have been an active player during 2014/3-2010
    - Must have a relatively clean record
    - Must have not been a dick / rude player
    - Must have been co-operative with the staff and helpful to other players
    - Must have been respected by others

    You must also make a public "Elder Request" here on the forums. Further instructions are detailed in this post

    How do I become SCP?

    Along with moderator, you can only get this if you are qualified for it. That means if you have a list of bad stuff somewhere, you have a small chance of becoming SCP.
    Asking to become SCP will not benefit your cause at all, more likely it will have an opposite effect. If you want to be SCP make sure you get noticed being polite and helpful.
    SCP is a hard job as well, you could as a matter of fact say SCP are the trial moderators.

    How do I become Moderator?
    A lot obviously don't understand that Moderator is a very big and hard job.
    To become a mod, you'll have to be qualified. If you're mature, friendly and clever. You might have a chance.
    And for the 730459848576945th time;
    You're not gonna be mod just because you've been here for 1 year. It's a big responsibility, and being here for 1 year does not show wether or not you're good enough for the job!

    How do I become Admin?
    Only the best of the best becomes admin, the gods will choose wether or not you're qualified to become an admin.
    Again, admin is not about being here for most time!

    How do I become Server Owner?
    Now it's getting silly don't you think?
    Just go assassinate Vittek or something and steal his computer.

    How do I become Banned?
    Breaking the rules, the more you break / the worse one you break the faster you become banned.

    Thank to you guys for reading, if anything new gets added I'll add it to the list.

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