Mentalthorn's Veteran Request

    Mentalthorn's Veteran Request

    Been a long time hasn't it, everyone? Ok here we go:

    In-game name: Mentalthorn :thumbup:

    How long you've been playing (Find out ingame by typing /player): Without that long break I took (was never banned/left), still 3 months. With it its almost 5.

    What you remember/built in the old map: Well I wasn't on the old map, but I built my pit, my two towers, helped with zarkys ion canon, and other stuff.

    Why you think you should be vet: I think I should be a veteran because I have been on this server a long time, I do absolutely love it here, I do goal for admin (Dreaming BIG!), and I do indeed have the courage to put this post up knowing vitteks ability to totally crush dreams. Ooh! and, I want to show up BuuR for getting it first.

    aight thanks! PS: Hi diablo I know your probably reading this... MinecraftZombieman

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