Avatars & Forum Sig's

      Avatars & Forum Sig's

      Post here if you want any forum related graphics.
      They will be made to your personal specification and will cost in game currency :)

      Forum Signatures: $35
      Avatars: $35
      Both together: $55

      If you would like one please post something like this.
      What item I want: Avatar
      Theme of item/colour scheme: Fire
      Main name/nickname wanted: Aceguitarist
      Additional text wanted: Mayor of Demacia
      Additional information/requests: Please add some creepers on it

      I can also make special things for you, like I made diab the vet request approval things.
      If you want one a special item we will agree on a price :)
      Here are a few examples of things I will make you:
      *ALSO some people I will make stuff for free :P*
      • AtroxX sig copy.png

        114.01 kB, 600×100, viewed 17 times
      • Promo acceptance copy.png

        244.27 kB, 500×500, viewed 17 times
      • domi sig 1 copy.png

        49.31 kB, 600×100, viewed 16 times
      • Smoothie sig #2 copy.png

        117.49 kB, 600×100, viewed 18 times
      • Islu sig one copy.png

        102.77 kB, 600×100, viewed 17 times
      • Coto avatar copy.png

        429.44 kB, 500×500, viewed 18 times
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