Cp018's Veteran Request

    Cp018's Veteran Request

    Yeah, my name is checkpoint018
    and played... when I remember... since June or July. I can give you the Ingame screenshot, but there is somehow a problem...
    It says I'm registered in september o.o

    Anyway before the 1.8 Update I did a mushroom farm,
    a Tree house inside a mobtrap, a wooden house and the PvP Arena with redstone.
    But the most of time I helped ikilledkenny89 to build his project but, after map reset it was gone.
    I'll can show you when the old map is on multi world.

    Well I want to be Veteran because to help and somehow support some new player.

    I hope I can be a Veteran
    (ugh still have some problems to upload pictures :S )
    EDIT: Problem solved :D
    • 2011-09-26_21.50.59.png

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    • 2011-08-05_19.51.56.png

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    • 2011-08-04_20.21.37.png

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    Dunno to write down here...

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